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Jackie Gower - Clever ways to recycle takeaway containers

Jackie Gower - Clever ways to recycle takeaway containers
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Friday, May 03, 2013 3:12 PM

We all succumb to the odd takeaway.  And when you have teenage sons like me, there never seems to be a shortage of takeaway containers finding their way home – plastic containers from the Thai restaurant, styrofoam containers from last night's burger – they come in all shapes and sizes.  They may not be very environmentally friendly but the great thing about many takeaway containers is that they come in really handy for all sorts of other uses, with their convenient sizes and tight fitting lids.  Instead of adding them to landfill, try using them in some of these helpful ways instead! 

Fridge and pantry storage.  Plastic takeaway containers with lids are perfect for organising your fridge and pantry.  Use them for storing leftovers in the fridge (great for bacon and ham so they don't dry out).  Particularly good storing baking supplies and dry goods, they even stack nicely for a super tidy pantry.

Desk tidy.  The same type of container is brilliant for keeping all those bits and pieces tidy and in one place on your desk top.  Also perfect for popping in your desk drawers, (no more disappearing paperclips) but my favourite use is for storing all my USB drives and cords and chargers.  Now I always know where to find the right one!

Help your garden grow.  Clean, dry takeaway containers are ideal for planting all sorts of things.  Poke some small holes in the bottom for drainage then pop them on your windowsill to grow herbs or fill them with bright potted colour.  They are also excellent for raising seeds, saving a bundle on seed trays!

Arts and crafts storage.  No matter your hobby, there's a takeaway container that can help with the job.  Safely store everything from beads, sequins and thread to scrapbooking supplies and mini paint pots for model building.  Talking of paint, takeaway containers make great pallettes for kids' painting too!

For the ladies.  You can even use clean plastic takeaway containers with lids in your bedroom or bathroom to store cosmetics.  Easy to clean, easy to pack up and travel with and easy to clean too.  Much cheaper than a make-up case; you can always decorate it to make it look more feminine if you like.  You can even turn them into jewellery boxes too – one for beads, one for bracelets and so on.  No more knotted necklaces or missing earrings ever again!


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