Christchurch mums' hilarious Isolation ABBA Medley

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Tuesday, 28 April 2020, 1:57PM

Lockdown has turned a group of Kiwi mums into global superstars.

Four Christchurch mothers, who form the entertainment group The Starlets, had a number of gigs cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Despite living busy lives playing teacher and parent during lockdown, they made time for fun, creating a parody ABBA isolation video, highlighting the struggles and quirks of life in quarantine.

With lyrics like "Quarantina, here we go again, high fives, how I must resist you" and "you can dance you can jive while staying at home to save lives", the Starlets have had more than 1.3m views on their slick rendition.

Starlet Georgia Heard, who came up with the idea, told the Herald they wanted to give people around the world a chance to have a laugh and share the idea that you can still have fun in lockdown.

"We were all at home, we've got all these costumes and miss performing so we decided to make a video. In the beginning we thought we'd make it for our family and friends for a laugh," she said.

"In the end it made me so happy, and we're all in this together. Thousands around the world are in the same situation as us so I thought now is a good time to send a positive message.

"I wanted to create a video that wasn't just about poking fun at staying at home but was also able to show how we can have fun while staying at home. "

Heard explained the video took about a week to make, with each member of the Starlets filming their parts using just an iPhone before sending it back for her and their sound engineer Alex Harmer to create.

In the video, the group thanks medics and other essential workers for their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The lyrics read: "So we say thank you to the medics, the hope they're bringing. Essential workers for you we're singing. We can't live without you. Your work and your bravery for community. So we stay home for all our safety. And we say thank you for your service, for going to work for me."

Heard says she believes essential workers need more recognition than what they're currently receiving.

"I also wanted to thank the essential workers. I don't think there were a lot of videos out there that have embraced our essential works and what they're doing.

"You can have a bit of comedy but there needs to be a message behind it. If you can give people a bit of both then it's a recipe for success."

The quartet has been swarmed with hundreds of messages of love every day, including well-wishes from as far away as the Philippines and Algeria.


Source: NZ Herald