Did You Know Your Dishwasher Could Do This?

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 June 2016, 10:45AM

Would you ever have thought to cook potatoes in the dishwasher?

The internet continues to amaze us with weird and wonderful "life hacks", and we reckon some of these are worth trying.

Possibly the most versatile machine in your house, the humble dishwasher can do a lot more than clean plates...

  • Clean and cook spuds: Yes, just when you thought you had heard it all, the dishwasher is apparently ideal for preparing and cooking potatoes. Just place the spuds on the top rack, and turn on the rinse-only cycle. Not only do they come out clean, they will also be mashable.
  • Poach salmon: Wrap a salmon fillet or steak in tin foil, put it on the top rack and turn on the regular cycle. Just leave out the detergent.
  • Disinfect sponges: This is an oldie but a goodie - simply run your old cloths through a regular cycle (with detergent this time), to get rid of odours.
  • Clean garden tools: Place your dirty metal tools on the top rack, and run them through a regular cycle to get them sparkling clean.
  • Other items: Other things that can go into the dishwasher include baseball caps, range hood grills, plastic sports equipment and pads, and metal vent covers.