How To Remove Wrinkles From Your Clothes Without Using An Iron

Publish Date
Thursday, 27 October 2016, 11:03AM

We’ve all been caught in a situation where you need wrinkle-free clothes, but you don't have access to an iron. But fear not, there are ways to spruce up your outfit so that nobody will know it wasn't ironed.

Place the item in a dryer with a damp sock.
The steam from the damp sock (you could also use an ice cube) will help get rid of the wrinkles. In about 15 minutes on medium your clothes should be smooth and crease free.

Hang the clothes near a hot shower.
Put your clothes on a coathanger and hang as close to the hot running water as possible. You want them close enough to get steamy but not close enough to get wet. Shut doors and windows, and use a towel to seal under the door. It will take around 15 minutes so it’s best to use this method while you are taking a shower.

Use your hairdryer or straighteners.
Use a water spray bottle to dampen the clothing slightly, then dry on a low setting with a hair dryer, ideally with a focusing tip attached. You can also use straightening irons but be sure they have been cleaned before heating to remove hair product residue.