Michael J Fox and Muhammad Ali: Parkinsons Disease PSA

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 June 2016, 1:00PM

Michael J Fox got a chance to speak with Muhammad Ali, who lived with Parkinson’s, after he himself was diagnosed with the disease. When Ali, known as “the greatest of all time,” reached out to speak to Fox, the actor was understandably nervous. But he worked up the courage to call his idol back. 

“Finally, I called from the bathroom phone so I wouldn’t be interrupted. One foot was up on the toilet lid, and the phone was up to my ear. You could tell on the phone he was very quiet at first, and you could hear him breathing. I’m thinking, ‘That is Muhammad Ali breathing, and that’s his phone,’” he said. “Very quietly, he said, ‘I’m sorry you have this [disease], but with you in the fight, we have a better chance of winning.’”

Fox and Ali went on to film a PSA together for the actor’s Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Take a look - it's a serious message with a very funny ending.