Modern Maori Quartet: Shine

Publish Date
Thursday, 7 September 2017, 1:45PM

Love this video! It features the four Modern Maori Quartet members, Maaka Pohatu, Francis Kora, Matariki Whatarau auditioning for a panel of kids, which features Kora's own daughter, as well as young Kiwi YouTube stars Jess and Ayva. 

Says Francis Kora about this song: ""This song is for all the kids in the world..." ‘Shine’ is a heartfelt song of a father's love for his daughter. If we as parents give our kids the love, support and confidence they need, then they can do anything. The inspiration for the song is my daughter Coco-Grace, but it is dedicated to all the kids in the world. The 'Shine' music video showcases the multi-talents of the MMQ and their efforts to impress a panel of kids. The process involved was lots of laughter, one too many cups of coffee, don't give kids sugar (!), lots of kai, purposely bad costume changes, dad jokes, more laughter, more coffee, more kai, teaching of dad jokes, kids are fading somebody give them some sugar, working that camera… and that's a wrap. In the end, our kids panel reveal to the MMQ that it's always better to just 'Be you'!"