This Surprisingly Easy Hack Will Make Your Heels WAY More Comfortable!

Publish Date
Monday, 30 May 2016, 10:43AM

While heels are beautiful, they can easily lose their appeal after you've spent a day walking around in a pair. We all know the throbbing, sharp pain that leaves you wincing every time you take a step in your beautiful, misery-inducing heels. So what's the solution to ensure you can still wear those heels you love so much without being in constant pain?

Two words: medical tape.

One of the common factors for foot pain is when your foot is at too high of a pitch from your heels, ultimately putting too much pressure on your feet.

Evidently, there is a nerve that splits between your third and fourth toes that causes pain when pressure is put upon it. Simply taping those toes with medical tape can help ease the strain on the nerve, and consequently, the pain. Mind-blowing, right?

We recommend nude medical tape for a low-profile look, but Scotch tape works in a pinch.

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