An extended cut of E.T's reunion with Elliott has been released - and it's even more emotional!

Publish Date
Monday, 9 December 2019, 3:34PM

Last month E.T. finally came home!

That's right, after 37 years apart the much-loved alien reunited with his best friend Elliott just in time for Christmas.

While their reunion wasn't captured in a feature-length sequel to Steven Spielberg's iconic 1982 film, after the success of their advert, British telco Sky has released an extended cut of the video.

With an adorable extra two minutes, we still get to see our favourite alien enjoying a fun-filled holiday with the family, with them showing him the new world they lived in complete with internet and virtual reality.

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"Lot's changed since you were here," Elliot - who was played by the original actor Henry Thomas - can be heard saying.

When it’s time for the little alien to return to his own family, the iconic bike scene was recreated, as he and the children cycle across the moonlit sky - complete with a red hoodie and E.T. in the basket.

"I'll be right here," E.T. tells Elliot's son before boarding his ship and flying into space.

Have tissues at the ready!