Former All Black Dan Carter has apologised for drink-driving, saying he made a "massive error of judgment".

Carter posted the apology on Facebook after being caught drink-driving in Paris.

"No excuses - I made a massive error of judgment and have let down my club, my fans and most importantly my family," he wrote.

"I will have to now let the police/court process run its course and face the consequences. I am just glad no one was harmed. Sorry."

Carter, who plays for the Racing 92 club in Paris, was nabbed by French police, while driving near the Champs-Elysee in central Paris on Wednesday night.

He reportedly did not have his driver's licence with him and had a blood alcohol level of 0.98g per litre, above the limit of 0.5g.

The drink-drive limit is the same in New Zealand, although it used to be 0.8g.

According to French media, Carter was not held in custody or put in a sobering cell, but his car was impounded. He will reportedly appear in court.

France-based Radio Sport correspondent Catherine Field warned that French drink-driving laws were much stricter than they have been in the past, when the wine-drinking culture was prevalent.

"There's a real feeling here over the past four or five years that drink driving isn't a good thing to do any more," she said.

"People have realised that picture of France of 30 years ago, when you could go out and have a great lunch and a pastis, and then drive home ... those are the old days. Now, it's very strict.

"[Dan Carter] will probably undoubtedly lose his license. What type of financial penalty will again be up to the judge."

- NZ Herald