Monique Rana - Energy drinks - What goes up must come down!

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Friday, 13 September 2013, 12:00AM
By Monique Rana

There are hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in the marketing of Energy Drinks ever since the introduction of Red Bull from Austria in 1987.  Most, if not nearly all energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine, which can provide a very short energy boost, as well sugar and other substances. The boost is short-lived, however, and may be accompanied by other problems.

The side effects of drinking energy drinks that contain sugar may contribute to weight gain — and too much caffeine can lead to:
•Rapid heart beat
•Increased blood pressure

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol drinks can dull the feeling of becoming intoxicated, which may lead to heavier drinking and alcohol-related injuries.

According to the Mayo Clinic for most people, occasional energy drinks are fine. If you're consistently fatigued or rundown, however, consider a better — and healthier — way to boost your energy. 
•Get adequate sleep
•Exercise daily 
•Eat a healthy diet
•Limit caffeine as this affects your adrenal glands that are already exhausted. Adrenal burnout seems all too common these days.

If these strategies don't seem to help, consult your doctor. Sometimes fatigue is a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as hypothyroidism, adrenal exhaustion, hormonal imbalances or anaemia.

Take home note:
 If you’re constantly run down and you need energy drinks to get you through the day, or endless cups of coffee I recommend taking an inventory of your life to determine the root causes of your exhaustion. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you nutritionally deprived? What are you eating? Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting regular exercise?  If deep down you know that there are major changes or minor, then NOW is the time to take hold. Be proactive- seek out Qualified Nutritionist/Dietician and exercise regularly to invest in your health.  

Your body is the only one you have to live in.

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