Monique Rana - Is high intensity interval exercise safe?

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Friday, 13 June 2014, 12:00AM
By Monique Rana

Once of the most favourable benefits of HIT (high intensity training) HIIT (high intenstiy interval training) exercise is reducing the amount of *oxidative stress caused by punishingly long duration workouts. Intense exercise punctuated by periods of recovery at lower-intensity is essential for reducing stress on a cellular level.

According to the, National Institutes of Health several recent studies have examined the impact of HIIT on healthy participants as well as those affected by metabolic syndrome (a combination of health conditions that raises heart disease risks) and with larger waist circumferences.

One study noted that a 12-week period of HIIT was effective in lowering blood pressure and curbing symptoms related to metabolic syndrome.

However, like other exercise if you are if you are unfit, overweight, or have a history of heart disease, stroke or diabetes it is best to see your doctor before starting any new exercise regime. The exercises we recommend start off gently and slowly build over time so as to minimise the risk of injury.

* Exercise induced oxidative stress:

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