Camembert Hedgehog Bread Recipe

Publish Date
Thursday, 14 April 2016, 11:21AM

YUM! This simple cheesey garlic hedgehog bread is perfect for sharing with family or friends!


1 whole Camembert, packaging removed
1 large loaf of bread
3 fat garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 tbsps rosemary, finely chopped
8 tbsps olive oil
Sea salt flakes


  1. Using the bottom of your camembert box as a stencil, cut a hole in the middle of the loaf. Tear away.
  2. Carefully cut your loaf so you have individual segments. 8 times along the long edge of the loaf and 3 across the short edge should serve you well.
  3. Turn the cheese on its side and cut the top off, trying not to take away too much ‘flesh’.
  4. Pop the exposed cheese face up in your bread hole.
  5. Mix the rosemary and garlic into your olive oil and spoon all over the loaf, encouraging the bits into all the slits. Cover the loaf liberally with salt, pop a
  6. little sprig of rosemary in the middle of the cheese and bake for 25 minutes at 170degs.



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