Could This Be The Future Of The Microwave?

Publish Date
Wednesday, 24 June 2015, 4:31PM

This is exciting news for microwave users the world over! For a long time we've settled for a defrost function that doesn't really work. Patchy re-heated food from the previous night and the nutrients being zapped from our food. This is going to revolutionise the way you reheat last night's pasta!

A new invention called the Freescale Semiconductor has been revealed and it aims to heat and/or re-heat food without removing the taste or nutrients.

Users will have more control by being able to direct where, when and how much heating energy is directed onto food. According to the company, you'll be able to avoid overcooking and destroying nutrients often zapped in the microwave. It's also possible to cook food at different intensities and heat up multiple dishes at the same time in the same unit. It can bake, poach, sear, brown and crisp food, too.

That means that the pasta you made for dinner will taste just as good the next night!

The company is just testing the product at the moment, however it is expected to be on sale within a year.

Image: BusinessWire

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