If You Like Coffee And Chocolate This Might Be The Perfect Treat

Publish Date
Thursday, 28 July 2016, 2:04PM

Chocolate is one of the best things to ever have been invented. We love hearing about new flavours of chocolate and this one has us especially excited because it mixes two of our favourite things. Chocolate and coffee. 

M&M's have been revealing new flavours that they have been working on. These new flavours include Toffee Apple and Coconut. Of course their classic flavours including peanut and crispy are a delicious go to treat while at the movies. 

The creators of M&M's put it out to the people to decide which flavour was they liked most. 

 The options were s'mores, chilli nut, coffee nut and honey nut. 

Finally this week a winner was revealed. 

At this stage we aren't 100% sure they will be making an appearance on shelves in New Zealand but here's hoping we will have the joy of trying this delicious new flavour. 

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