Parmesan Meatballs Recipe

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016, 3:13PM

These hellishly delicious meatballs are quick and easy! They can be served up within 20 minutes and make for a perfect weeknight meal!

500g beef mince
1 egg, lightly whisked
2 cloves garlic, finely grated
¼cup grated parmesan cheese
1 medium onion, grated
1Tbsp chopped parsley
2tsp chopped rosemary
½cup fresh breadcrumbs
3Tbsp olive oil
400g pasta sauce, tomato based
½cup mozzarella cheese, grated
½cup tasty cheese


  1. Mix together beef, egg, garlic, parmesan, onion, herbs and breadcrumbs. Season with salt and pepper then roll dessert spoonfuls of meat mix into even-sized balls.
  2. In a large frying pan heat oil, add meatballs and fry until the balls begin to brown.
  3. Add tomato sauce and simmer for 5 minutes.
  4. Sprinkle over cheeses then place under a hot grill. Top with extra chopped parsley and serve with pasta.

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