Lani Lopez - Warrant Of Fitness For Your Body

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Thursday, 5 May 2016, 3:03PM
By Lani Lopez

Most of us neglect to go to the doctors for a check up – out of fear, lack of money, or even because we simply don’t have enough time.

But what we need to be mindful of is that we not only need a WOF for our car. We also need a WOF for our body, especially you men.

Go to your health professional.

In this case I’ve asked Dr Garsing Wong to help me out with what you might want to expect if you’re a man.

Lani: Dr what are some of the things you look for when you are doing a WOF for a guy?

Dr Wong, We look at blood pressure, do a blood test for things like cholesterol ratio, blood sugar level, iron levels and more. If a man is over fourty we recommend a prostate check.

Lani: How important is it to get a prostate check?

Dr Wong: We can check if the prostate is healthy as men over the age of fourty can slowly start to have increased risk of enlarged prostate which can lead to a raft of problems for me.

Lani: Is it common Dr that men don’t get prostate checks?

Dr Wong: Yes, it has slightly improved lately but we still need to create awareness around prostate health. Caught early we may be able to help sooner increasing mens health. Most of my patients say its not that bad and they’re glad to have a check just in case they need to attend seriously to their health

Get your warrant of fitness booked in today.

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