Philip Walsh - Are Your Contact Lenses Uncomfortable?

Publish Date
Friday, 1 April 2016, 12:11PM
By Philip Walsh

If you have uncomfortable contact lenses it’s very important that you try to rectify the problem as soon as possible, as continuous discomfort can eventually lead to more serious problems.

The uncomfortable feeling that contact lenses often cause can arise from a range of different situations. Often, it can be something as simple as a cold or poor lens cleaning.

It is possible that if you haven’t cleaned your contact lenses properly that some deposits may have been left behind. Try rinsing the lenses thoroughly with saline or an all-in-one cleaning solution to remove debris. After this try rubbing the lens with your clean fingertip to remove all dirt. You could also try putting some eye drops in your eye to help remove the unwanted particles on your lenses.

Allergies are another major reason why people experience discomfort from their contacts. In this case you might want to refrain from using contacts altogether or wait until the allergy season has passed.

Look out for lens damage too as there may be some nicks and tears. If irritation still occurs you should discontinue wearing your lenses and see your local Specsavers optometrist or visit to request an appointment.

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