Philip Walsh - Can monovision lenses be made in glasses as well as in contacts?

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Friday, 1 January 2016, 11:52AM
By Philip Walsh

Monovision is when one eye is corrected for distance vision and one for close up.

Many people who suffer from presbyopia (near focusing difficulties over 40) will find that with age they may start to find it difficult to see things close up as well as they used to. Monovision is a great corrective vision solution to be able to see up close and in the distance.

While it is possible for monovision glasses to be made, many people find the difference in thickness of the lens, between the two eyes, bothersome when looking through the edge of the lens.

For this reason, contact lenses are a popular choice instead as they are a way to avoid this issue and can often provide an acceptable vision correction.

However, it is best to check with your optometrist as they are in the best position to give you advice about your options.

How long will it take to get used to monovision?

Most people adjust to this form of vision correction in the first few weeks. However, around 10-15 percent of people may find they feel off balance or experience eyestrain as a result.

If your eyes feel strained or you experience headaches when you have monovision lenses fitted, it is best to visit your optometrist for specialist advice.

For more information on monovision glasses or contacts prescriptions talk to your local Specsavers optometrist or visit

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