Philip Walsh - Symptoms And Treatment For CLPC

Publish Date
Thursday, 7 January 2016, 2:14PM
By Philip Walsh

What are the symptoms of contact lens papillary conjunctivitis?
People with contact lens papillary conjunctivitis may experience itchy eyes, blurred vision, light sensitivity, contact lens intolerance and a white discharge from the eye, These problems can initially worsen when contact lenses are removed. It is worth noting that the incidence of CLPC is significantly lowered with daily disposable contact lenses.

What causes CLPC?
GPC is primarily a contact lens related condition however it can caused by an ocular prosthetic or an exposed suture post surgery. The reason contact lenses may cause GPC is if you are allergic to the preservatives used in CL solutions used to clean them, the rubbing of the lenses against the eyelid, or a protein deposit build-up on the lenses.

Are there treatments for CLPC?
There are several treatments for CLPC, although most people will simply be asked to remove their contact lenses until the irritation calms down. While it may only be a few weeks before the area heals in some cases, it can take six months or longer. This means you may need to consider alternative options for any vision problems you have, such as glasses.

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