Philip Walsh - What To Do If You Get Something In Your Eye?

Publish Date
Thursday, 4 August 2016, 3:27PM
By Philip Walsh

Eyes are so incredibly precious and they can be very easily scratched. That’s why it’s so important to make sure we treat them with care, especially when removing foreign objects.

When something enters your eye, your body’s natural reaction is to produce more tears to try and wash it away. Often, there aren’t enough tears to remove the object so you need to get another source of water to assist with this process.

The most effective is an eye wash solution but any form of clean running water will do the trick.

If you can still feel the object in your eye, you can manually remove it with a clean tissue. Try to avoid rubbing the object across your eye, as this could damage the surface and remember to look away from the object to protect the cornea.

Specavers also offers a comprehensive range of safety eyewear for those who work in any type of industrial environment in which chemicals, sparks or fragments can damage eyes. Visit your local Specsavers store to find out more about the range and how you can protect your eyes in the workplace.

If there’s a significant irritation or foreign object in your eye, don’t hesitate to visit the emergency room or contact your local Specsavers optometrist to get this looked at as soon as possible. Visit for more information.

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