Philip Walsh - Why do your eyes water?

Publish Date
Friday, 16 December 2016, 12:25PM
By Philip Walsh

There are a variety of causes, including exposure to different temperatures or hay fever and allergies, that may lead to watery eyes. This occurs when tear ducts produce additional moisture as a form of protection for the eye.

When the eye becomes irritated as a result of foreign objects, cold temperatures, wind or smoke, the eyes produce lubrication to try and rid the object from the eye and to stop the eye from drying out. Cold winds often cause watery eyes, as wind will dry the moisture from our eyes. It is our eye’s natural defence to produce moisture in defence of this and to ensure our eyes are working efficiently.

If watery eyes continue to cause concern, you should visit your local optometrist who can then assess your symptoms. Your eye health professional may prescribe lubricating eye drops or allergy relief, depending on your needs and condition.

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