This Is The Correct Position You Should Fall Asleep In To Protect Your Spine AND Combat Wrinkles!

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Friday, 16 September 2016, 12:43PM

The position we fall asleep - and spend much of the night in - matters a lot. Not just for your back, but also for your skin.

According to Dr Hooman Melamed, an orthopedic spine surgeon, the majority of us will suffer from back problems during our lifetime.

As he explains to Medical Daily, these problems are exacerbated by how we sleep.

So the best position?

On your back.

In this position, he continues, "you are in the best position, as your spine stays in natural alignment all night long."

"The position allows the spine, head, and neck to maintain neutral positions, and the back isn't forced to carry any extra pressure or weight."

There's another advantage to sleeping on your back too - wrinkles! Or rather, preventing them.

Yes, in addition to all the usual lotions and potions, it seems sleeping on our backs can stave off the advancement of wrinkles.

Dermatologist Jaime Davis told Minnesota CBS affiliate WCCO, "If you fold a piece of paper enough times, you get an etched crease there.

"As far as wrinkles are concerned, you're probably best to sleeping flat on your back."

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