Are you making these common washing mistakes?

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016, 3:07PM
Photos: Getty Images

Photos: Getty Images

To get the most out of your clothes, you need to make sure you are washing them properly. 

You may be making simple mistakes in the laundry that are easy to fix. Follow these six tips to keep your clothing in tip-top condition. 

1. Don't overuse the detergent

You might think add more powder or liquid to your wash will make your clothes cleaner. Really, this can cause your clothes to remain dirty, as the soap doesn’t rinse off properly.

2. Sort them properly

Sorting your lights from darks, and separating different materials is crucial. It's not only easier but also easier on the fabrics if you wash sheets together, towels together, and clothes separately.

3. Get the clothes back into shape pre-wash

Before you wash your clothes, get them back to their natural state. If they're inside out turn them the right way, unroll cuffs, tuck any pockets in, and zip up the zips.

4. Don't put swimwear in the machine

All swimwear should be hand washed in cold water. This is because the washing machine will cause the fabric to wear out faster, and this could result in holes forming.

5. Fabric softener and towels don't mix

You would think that adding fabric softener to your load of towels will be beneficial, but in fact it can reduce their ability to absorb water. Try adding white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser instead.

6. Keep the loads small

Throwing too many clothes into your machine can result in unwashed clothing and issues with your machine breaking down.

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