Declutter Your Kitchen

Publish Date
Wednesday, 26 March 2014, 12:00AM
Although we love cooking/baking, we would also love to spend less time in the kitchen. Discover how easy your life can be with our clever tips to help you to save time; from ideas for storage to quick cleaning tips and easy ideas to speed up food preparation...

Streamline your seasonings
Make the most of counter space by using a pedestal cake stand to hold olive oil, salt, pepper, and other seasonings. That way, the ingredients you use most often are in one place.

In the zone
Organise your pantry in zones. Put baking items such as flour, sugar and baking soda together on a shelf; pasta, rice and pulses together; teas, coffees and so on. Be careful not to put strong flavoured foods (such as spices) next to delicately flavoured items or you'll contaminate them.

Organise your utensils
A utensil holder will keep tools upright, helping you to organise your worktop with military precision.

Choose the right containers
Glass looks good and enables you to see the contents easily. Choose jars with rubber seals to lock in freshness and protect from humidity and pests. Make sure jars can be microwaved, refrigerated and put through the dishwasher for ease.

Use lemon to clean
Cut a lemon in half and rub over wooden or plastic cutting boards to clean and bleach the surface.

Time-saving grater
Use a grater made from stainless-steel, with clog-resistant blades, a soft-grip handle, and a non-slip bar to rest on the table.

Remove labels from glass
Remove sticky labels from vases and glasses by dampening with vinegar, then leaving for five minutes before buffing off with a cotton ball or paper towel.

Save time when you're cooking
How many recipes use a chopped onion or two as a starting point? Next time you're chopping onions, make triple what you need and freeze in a freezer bag - cook from frozen when needed.

Stop blades going blunt
If you're scraping bits off your chopping board with a knife before cleaning, use the other side, not the blade side, so you don't blunt your knife.

Keep your herbs fresh
To keep your cut herbs fresh, wrap them in damp kitchen towel in the salad drawer.

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