Nicola Kelland - Next steps to getting your house sold

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Thursday, 8 June 2017, 2:07PM
By Nicola Kelland

Hi, Nicola from Nicola Kelland Real Estate here.

Did your property fail to sell during the marketing phase? If so you may be thinking what do I do now?

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It appears from the latest statistics that there are quite a few properties not selling during the standard marketing period of around four weeks. For many vendors, this creates added stress to the sale process. They start to experience a range of emotions and thoughts namely: -

"Nobody wants to buy my home, so I will take it off the market"

There will be someone who wants to buy your home. Has the marketing targeted the right people?  Re-evaluate your marketing. Is the photography the best it could be, does the description of the property fully highlight the best features? Maybe it's a lack of a price that has deterred purchasers from enquiring or viewing, thinking it was not in their budget. Change the marketing if necessary, establish an asking price and keep advertising.

“I am so tired of open homes, and I no longer hear from my salesperson anymore”

Open Homes, you don’t necessarily have to have open homes, sure it helps to get potential purchasers through your property. But you can take a break and have viewing by appointment, or cut down the open homes to maybe one a week. If your salesperson is not communicating as often as you would like, talk to them about it. You deserve the same level of commitment that they have previously given and you have the right to expect this.

“What else can I do to sell my property?’

Review the objections that you have received from buyers ie what has stopped them from purchasing your property. Usually, there is a common thread. Are there things that can be easily fixed? Is it a pricing issue that you may need to consider? Have a frank conversation with your salesperson, or get a second opinion from another. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see clearly what the issue may be.

“Should I change Agency?”

Changing to another agency is quite common after a property has failed to sell during the campaign period. A new enthusiastic salesperson can breathe new life into a listing. But if you think that your salesperson has done a great job throughout the campaign and is continuing to work hard to achieve a sale, my advice would be to keep working with them. If not, by all means, look for a new salesperson, just make sure that you have had some legal advice regarding your obligations under your current agency agreement.

If you are wanting some real estate advice please do feel free to contact me I would be more than happy to help.

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