Top Christmas Gifts Ideas for 2013

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Friday, 29 November 2013, 12:00AM
Christmas 2013 is just around the corner and it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas! Some of us are already on the lookout for suitable gifts to give our loved ones and there is plenty to choose from this year. Here is our list of some of the best gifts for you on a slightly more affordable budget!

For the reader
Don't buy just any book. Why not track down a rare edition? Or a signed copy of a book by one of their favorite authors? If they prefer magazines, get a subscription to what they would normally buy. For the tech-savvy book lover, go for an e-reader preloaded with 10 great books. They'll appreciate an e-book reader, which improves reading in dim light without compromising readability in other lighting conditions. With the low price of eBooks and the affordable price of eBook readers, along with their convenient storage, portability and versatility, more and more users are making the switch to eBook readers every day.

For the cook
If they love spending time in the kitchen and are always trying out new recipes, then cooking classes are the perfect present. Check out cooking schools for one-off workshops. If you’d prefer something more tangible, start with a recipe book from a chef or restaurant they admire (if you’re not sure, you can’t go wrong with Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson), then add lots of little touches like an apron or fancy implements like measuring cups, a rolling pin, salad tongs, and pastry brushes, or add gourmet treats such as cheeses, nuts, sweets, chocolates, wines, olive oils, and balsamic vinegars. Arrange everything in a big mixing bowl or cake tin, pulled together with cellophane and ribbon!

For the traveler
If you can afford it, go on holiday! A trip is a real luxury and depending on your budget, it could be an exotic week away, a city mini-break or just a night in a cabin. Try to book everything in advance and if you’ve got to stick close to home try staying in a cozy boutique hotel with room service, even if it is around the corner from your home.

For the workaholic
If they are stressed and overworked, then they’ll need some pampering during the holidays. Try a spa gift card or put together a basket of goodies. Start with some cozy pajamas or a new robe, or go for a selection of bath products (candles, soaps and oils).

For the homebody
Do they like to splurge at home stores? Think luxury bedding, vases, lamps, throw pillows, wall prints, photo frames, and kitchen appliances.

For the music lover
This one’s easy. Are any of their favorite bands playing soon? Grab tickets. How about headphones or iPod?

For the adventurous type
Do they spend weekends hiking and vacations jumping out of planes? Then your gift should definitely be an experience rather than an item. Check out what’s available in your area. Sky diving? Paintballing? White water rafting? Or if they are someone who just likes trying out new things, think about a one-off experience. Pottery class? Painting? Crafts?

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