Nicola Kelland - Ready to Sell

Publish Date
Friday, 29 January 2016, 9:24AM
By Nicola Kelland

The real estate market is traditionally quieter during January, homeowners for several reasons prefer not to have their homes for sale during this time. But for many purchasers who are moving to a new location, the holidays are the perfect time to view and buy a new home.

The coastal market is always busy during January with purchasers looking to buy a new beach house or moving to the beach for a new life. For real estate companies in these locations, this is a very busy time of the year.

Very often during the holiday weeks I get strong interest from Kiwi’s who are currently living aboard, but are here for the holidays visiting family and friends and are seriously considering buying a home for when they return to New Zealand to live. Often, this is the only time that they have the opportunity to view potential houses, having done plenty of research online before they arrive.

The holiday period gives all of us plenty of time to discuss with family a desire for a new home. We see that readership of the paper and spending time online looking for a property to buy, is high at this time of year. Once the decision is made to move, the purchasers are ready to start visiting open homes and making appointments to view homes on their return in mid to late January.

Being on the market in January can be a smart move, why wait till everyone else prepares their homes for sale in February and March your buyer might just be looking today!

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