Bryan Ward - Back to School

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Friday, 24 February 2017, 12:58PM
By Bryan Ward

Teach your child how to get safely to and from school and other places they go – whether they walk, bike or go by bus. Make clear rules about getting home and also places they can and can’t go without your permission.

Go to school with your child and make sure that you can show them the safest route to and from school. Teach them to deal with hazards like narrow footpaths or busy roads. If they walk, make sure they always use pedestrian crossings to cross the road.

Who does your child walk home with? Meet the parents of children in your area and keep in touch. Maybe even take some of the others parents cell phone numbers in case of emergency.

Teach the children to walk home together in twos or small groups, not alone if possible Make other arrangements if someone is away.

At the weekend try walking the route to school with your kids and identifying safe places for them to go if they are in trouble (local dairy or library for instance) as well as dangerous places (blind corners, narrow pathways etc).

Teach your child a contact emergency phone number (should they need it) as well as their home address.

Place balls and other items that may cause a distraction in bags so that they can’t be played with near the roadside.

About Bryan

Bryan Ward is a Pan Auckland Community Constable across the Auckland area and has been a police officer for over 18 years.

Bryan has been a national trainer for the neighbourhood policing teams and community constables in the Police and developed and features in a children's safety television programme called Bryan and Bobby you can visit them on their website:

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