The 30 year old wedding dress mix up that was solved in 2 hours

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Monday, 13 February 2017, 9:30AM
Photo / Shannon McNamara

Photo / Shannon McNamara

Despite the popularity of social media, there a lot of people in the world that don't like the idea of connecting through a computer, but it turns out it still has its perks.

After Shannon McNamara's daughter got engaged last week, she decided to go and get her old wedding dress that she had kept for this exact moment.

When she pulled the box out from under her bed that hadn't been touched since it was professionally cleaned and preserved in 1986, she was surprised to see a completely different from the one that she got married in 30 years ago.

In the hopes of finding her original dress, she posted a picture to her Facebook asking if anyone in the area might have accidentally received her dress in a dry-cleaning mix up.

Within the comments of this post, a social media miracle occurred! One of Shannon's friends linked an article that someone had posted four years prior which stated how they had been given a different dress after their one was preserved in December of '86.

The dress hunt reached complete miracle status when the original Kim Jones commented on the status as well saying how she still had Shannon's dress and would love to swap them back.

Apparently Kim had considered getting rid of the dress at one point, but she had a gut feeling that she should keep it, just in case.

They exchanged phone numbers over Facebook and have arranged a swap over when Shannon heads over to Nashville.

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