5 hacks to make your holiday stress free

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016, 1:14PM
Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

If you're planning a summer escape these handy tricks will keep your holiday on track! 

1. Bug free drinks 
Keep bugs out of your drinks with a cost effective easy trick. Place a cupcake case over your glass and pierce a small hole with a drinking straw.

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2. Roll your clothes, don't fold
If you need some extra space to fit all your shopping in roll your clothes rather than folding them. Not only will it give you more space it will also prevent wrinkling. 

3. Use fragile stickers if you're travelling in a group.
If you mark your bag as fragile they will get processed together and come out at the same time. 

4.Use the TV to charge your phone 
If you forget your wall charger there is usually a USB port in the TV which you can use to charge your phone. 

5. Yoghurt your sunburn
If you can't find any aloe-vera, natural yoghurt is the next best thing to sooth sunburn. 

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