Lani Lopez - An Organised Mind

Publish Date
Thursday, 26 May 2016, 6:13PM
By Lani Lopez

Clutter. Everyone has clutter in there life … whether it’s a cluttered wardrobe, like this, or a cluttered mind. 

Clutter equals mess and chaos. 

Clutter has a draining effect and because your mind is never free to relax because of all the stuff going on – it really does increase anxiety. 

It’s like an undercurrent – on the surface everything looks smooth and beautiful but dig deeper and that currents going to sweep you away – until you’re out of control or in this case stuck in chaos.



Cleaning up your space is effectively cleaning up your life … its allowing good things to happen. 

Its as simple as picking it up, folding it and putting it its organised space. 

My mum gave me a cruel but an important life lesson.

She made me pull out all the manchester from the cupboard just for fun. Then said how do you feel. I replied that was totally fun. She said, right clean it all up the way you found it. 

I just about cried. How cruel!

Then when I had finished she surveyed my work. How do you feel. I replied at first I was angry but now it looks really good. 

In essence her lesson was that it can take a minute to make a mess and 4 hours to clean up. 

Mess and chaos is an easy way out but the sense of achievement will take longer but it will also out-weigh the sense of mayhem that was created in minutes.


A word about mindful meditation:

It can makes you present. Stop worrying about all the stress and clutter in your mind.

It allows you to enjoy life a lot more … 

When you are really stressed or anxious we have part of the brain called the Amygdala (our reptilian brain) that can grow, it’s what makes us feisty and scared. 

To feel peace in our lives we need to keep relaxed and do mindful meditation. 

Not only by de-cluttering our space we can also de-clutter our minds and calm down our brains as well. 

Like I said mindful meditation helps you relax and de-clutter all situations. Look it up and take a lesson on being mindful. It’s actually very easy and can be done anywhere, anytime. 

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