Actor Tom Hiddleston stands in for King Charles at a charity event

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Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 1:25PM
Tom Hiddleston stepped up to deliver the King’s speech in his place. Photo / AP

Tom Hiddleston stepped up to deliver the King’s speech in his place. Photo / AP

The monarch pulled out of a charity event to undergo cancer treatment, so A-list actor Tom Hiddleston filled in.

The 75-year-old royal has stepped away from public-facing duties since being diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer earlier this year and it meant he had to miss The Prince’s Trust Invest In Futures gala dinner in London last week so Loki star Hiddleston stepped up to deliver the King’s speech in his place.

A clip of Hiddleston, 43, reading the King’s speech was shared on the charity’s Instagram page, with the actor telling the audience: “I really am so pleased that the trust’s work continues to go from strength to strength, having, in recent years, expanded from its mission in the United Kingdom to now supporting young people in 23 countries.”

“Celebrating the global impact of this work is an achievement which, I must confess, I could not have dreamed of back in 1976 when I started the trust, using, at that time, my Royal Navy severance pay when I left the service to help disadvantaged young people achieve their full potential.

“Its mission remains the same today – to help young people into secure, sustainable jobs and enterprises, enabling them to build brighter futures.”

The speech went on: “In the beginning, I hoped that by supporting young people to develop their latent skills and to find work or training, the trust would perhaps be able to help change some individuals’ lives for the better.

“I am thrilled to say that it has now worked with over one million young people, helping them to start careers, launch businesses and re-engage with education.

King Charles founded the charity back in 1976. Photo / Getty Image

“I am enormously inspired by the determination and commitment of young people, one of whom you will hear from later. They are changemakers; they will shape the world’s future and we must support them to realise their dreams.

“Looking ahead, I very much hope the trust can continue to help young people and communities to understand the immeasurable difference they can make to our society when they choose positive paths in life and achieve their goals. That way they can help and build a brighter future. CHARLES R.”

The King founded the charity back in 1976 when he was Prince of Wales to help disadvantaged young people across the UK and the organisation has raised more than £24 million ($52.05m) for good causes since its inception.


- Written by Bang! Showbiz and republished here with permission

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