Actress Tiffany Haddish wows fans with impromptu Tina Turner performance

Publish Date
Tuesday, 7 September 2021, 3:56PM

While Tiffany Haddish is best known for her comedy and her acting, it turns out she is also quite the singer.

During a double date with her boyfriend, Common, and Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy in Las Vegas, the 41-year-old former Air New Zealand employee surprised fans with an impromptu performance.

Taking the restaurant by storm, Haddish joined the live jazz band that was performing for diners on stage for a showstopping Tina Turner number.

Belting out the iconic 1971 hit song 'Proud Mary,' Haddish got a standing ovation following the performance.

Handler and Koy captured footage from the performance and posted it on their Instagram stories.

Very cool!