Adele reveals her Céline Dion inspired pre-show ritual

Publish Date
Thursday, 10 August 2023, 2:02PM
Photos / Getty Images, NZ Herald

Photos / Getty Images, NZ Herald

Adele has just revealed that she starts every one of her Las Vegas residency shows with a very special routine - inspired by Céline Dion.

According to reports from The Mirror, Adele begins each of her Las Vegas shows by bestowing a kiss upon a poster of the iconic 'My Heart Will Go On' singer. "Adele does have a kiss with Celine. It has become a little superstition before a show.

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She walks from the dressing room underneath the stage up some steps where a giant framed picture of Celine is - and she plants a little smooch on it for luck."

Adele reportedly saw Celine as inspiration for her Las Vegas residence, after she met the superstar a few years ago after one of her shows.

The Mirror's source continued: "She sat down with Celine and was really moved by how she created the vibe she wanted and felt so connected to her audience.

"Another key factor for Adele was protecting her voice in the desert air of Vegas. She has had an array of vocal problems during her career, and was reassured by the way that the venue was geared up to help artists."

In October 2011, Adele had vocal cord surgery as a result of a benign polyp that caused haemorrhaging. 



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