Alfie Boe has settled the annual Die Hard Christmas debate once and for all

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Thursday, 7 December 2023, 9:31AM
Photo / Bang! Showbiz

Photo / Bang! Showbiz

While we've known that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, the debate comes back every year and divides the world... but no longer!

Alfie Boe has once and for all settled the annual debate as to whether the Bruce Willis-led flick is a festive film and proved that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

The 50-year-old tenor teamed up with Disney+ and The Kingdom Choir to release Ode to Die Hard – a new take on the Beethoven piece that featured in the original soundtrack of the 1988 action movie.

New research from YouGov in the UK reveals that the nation is still divided over the Christmas question – and three-quarters (76%) argue that it should be considered a festive film as New York City police detective John McClane is forced into action on Christmas Eve, with an additional 62% highlighting that it is set at a Christmas party.

Alfie said, "For me, Die Hard is one of those movies I can watch over and over again; it’s timeless and definitely a Christmas classic. Everyone has their own view, I am sure, but for me, it has all the ingredients that make up a festive film, from the setting to the soundtrack.

"We thought this would be a fun way to get people into the Christmas spirit and acknowledge one of the most enduring Christmas debates once and for all. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

This song says it all. Everybody had a lot of fun making the track and I think that comes across, so I hope it brings a smile to anyone watching too!"

- Coast with additional writing by Bang! Showbiz

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