America's Got Talent fans left in hysterics as Sofia Vergara hilariously pranks Simon Cowell

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 3:52PM

It has been three months since Simon Cowell pulled off his cheeky prank against fellow judge Sofia Vergara on America's Got Talent during the audition rounds.

The music mogul fooled the actress by convincing her momentarily that she'd shot him with a crossbow.

And it turns out she had been plotting her revenge ever since ...

Promising the viewers a laugh, Vergara's plan got underway when she commissioned busts of all of the judges to be displayed at the Luxor in Las Vegas ahead of AGT heading there in November.

However, Cowell's bust was, shall we say, extra memorable ... which he soon found out as he attended the official "live" unveiling of his statue.

With the help of a few actors, the rest of the judges and host Terry Crews, Vergara managed to pull the prank off perfectly, and the 61-year-old record executive's reaction was absolutely priceless! 

He just couldn't mask his look of horror before publicly calling it "the ugliest thing."

Revenge is delicious!

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