Anne Hathaway wows Kelly Clarkson with powerful 'Since U Been Gone' cover

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Thursday, 24 March 2022, 3:53PM

Appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show yesterday, Anne Hathaway wowed both Kelly Clarkson and viewers with her passionate rendition of the talk show host's hit 'Since U Been Gone.'

The pair were in the middle of a game of Sing That Name That Tune - which requires them to quickly identify songs by their instrumentals and start singing them as soon as they recognise them - when the impressive moment happened.

Hathaway was leading the game, beating Clarkson to name the Billy Joel classic 'Piano Man,' as well as Hanson's late '90s hit 'MMMBop.'

"Can you play a freaking song I’ll know?" a frustrated Clarkson asked the studio band.

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To which the band responded by playing the track for Clarkson's angsty breakup anthem.

The Oscar-winning actress immediately recognised the song, belting the lyrics out at the top of her lungs.

'Since U Been Gone' was released on Clarkson's sophomore album Breakaway. The song peaked at number two on the Billboard Hit 100 and has sold one million copies in the US.

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