Christina Aguilera releases powerful new music video for her hit song 'Beautiful'

Publish Date
Friday, 4 November 2022, 3:54PM

Twenty years after its release, Christina Aguilera has given her iconic song 'Beautiful' a 2022 makeover.

The powerful new video was made to raise awareness of the negative impact social media can have on the mental health of children and teens.

In a series of posts, the 41-year-old pop star wrote: "'We are Beautiful, no matter what they say'. A message I will always stand by and a message I prioritise to instill in my own children through every chapter of their lives!

"Today, it’s harder than ever to hear our own voice amongst so many others infiltrating our feeds and minds with mixed messaging... ultimately leading us to tune-out our own truth and self-worth."

The five-time Grammy winner continued: "The original 'Beautiful' video set out to bring awareness and a sense of compassion in the face of judgment, criticism, and outside opinions. It still carries an important message to remember our core values outside of what’s being fed to us … to find a sense of balance and accepting ourselves for who we are.

"Thank you to all of the incredible individuals who participated in bringing this new 'Beautiful' video to life. This song means so much to me and I deeply appreciate everyone’s boldness, bravery, and courage in standing up for something bigger than ourselves! I'm honored and I love you all."

The new video shows scenes including children glued to their phones as they put on heavy make-up.

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