Consumer NZ reveals seven out of eight sunscreens fail to live up to protection claims

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Friday, 18 March 2022, 9:58AM

Sun protection is essential.

New Zealand's melanoma cancer rates are among the world's worst.

But worryingly, seven out of eight sunscreens failed to live up to efficacy claims made on their label.

Consumer NZ says its latest test of sunscreens foundĀ Cancer Society Kids Pure Sun Lotion SPF50 was the only sunscreen that met its SPF label claim.

The remaining seven products - which all claimed to be SPF50+ - did not meet the claims made on their label. To use the SPF50+ label, a sunscreen must achieve an SPF of 60 or above.

However, they did provide high SPF protection of (SPF30 or higher).

All eight sunscreens also met the broad-spectrum protection requirements.

The seven sunscreens that did not meet their SPF50+ label claims were:

  • Woolworths Sunscreen Everyday Lotion SPF50+
  • Cancer Society Everyday Sun Lotion SPF50+
  • Invisible Zinc Sport Mineral Sunscreen SPF50+
  • Sun Bum Premium Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+
  • Nivea Sun Kids Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF50+
  • Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+
  • Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+

All the companies were asked to provide evidence to support their label claims, Consumer NZ senior writer Belinda Castles said.

Countdown, the Cancer Society and Invisible Zinc's distributor provided test results that supported their label claims.

This was Consumer NZ's second round of sunscreen testing - the first batch of results was published in December, with six out of nine products meeting their label claims.

A third batch of sunscreens will be tested later this year.

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