Coronation St star Alex Bain bombarded with abuse after announcing girlfriend's pregnancy

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018, 11:01AM
Photo / Youtube

Photo / Youtube

One of Coronation Street's youngest star and his girlfriend announced that they were expecting a baby together a few weeks ago.

Alex Bain's girlfriend, Levi Selby, who is also 16 shared this ultrasound picture on Facebook on the 25th of May.

There were a few well wishes from friends on the post, but it received a lot of hate, with one person even calling Levi a 'slapper'.

Selby's mother Judith Calvert rushed to her defence, telling the commenter not to 'judge my daughter by your own low standards'.

'Cowardly excuse of a human... JEALOUS BULLY springs to mind,' she added, followed by three laughing emoticons.

If anything, this retaliation led to more hate from the trolls:

'Disgusting! I'd be utterly ashamed if I was his parent,'

'Can't believe Alex Bain having a yute the kids 16 & his girlfriend looks like a hoodrat,' 

'Has Alex Bain 16yrs old never heard of a condom?'


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Despite all the negative publicity, 'Alex has been telling everyone he's going to be a father. He isn't keeping it a secret.'

'It's hard to tell if he's happy about it or not but he's definitely not ashamed of it.'  


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The two have been together since April last year.

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