Crowded House have released their music video for ‘Oh Hi’ and it's full of joy

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Friday, 16 February 2024, 2:59PM

The legendary Crowded House are back with a brand-new single and now they've released the official music video which according to JT is "cute as hell."

The video comes ahead of the release of their eighth studio album, Gravity Stairs, in May.

Their new song Oh Hi, was produced by the band along with Steven Schram and the new video is meant to be three minutes of blissful diversion from the stresses of everyday life.

“It’s a metaphor for getting a little older and becoming aware of your own mortality, your own physicality,” said frontman Neil Finn. “Things are getting a little harder, and there’s more determination needed to get to the top, but there’s still the same compulsion to climb them.”

Neil confessed the inspiration for the single came from the children in African countries, and his connection to the non-profit So They Can, which is an international nonprofit focused on building schools in remote parts of Kenya and Tanzania. 

“I’m hoping the song comes across without needing to know the backstory,” he said, “but it’s very much inspired by these incredible kids and their magnificence.”

 “I was inspired by children and thinking how much we need to let them learn and grow in safety and love.”

Adding, “Then we could learn from them. There are so many out of view that can be magnificent if only given a microphone and a lightbulb.”

Watch the video above!

Gravity Stairs track listing:

1. Magic Piano
2. Life’s Imitation
3. The Howl
4. All That I Can Ever Own
5. Oh Hi
6. Some Greater Plan (for Claire)
7. Black Water, White Circle
8. Blurry Grass
9. I Can’t Keep Up With You
10. Thirsty
11. Night Song

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