Dolly Parton reveals she has enough unrecorded music for her career to 'go on forever'

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Friday, 10 January 2020, 2:51PM
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Dolly Parton is planning to release new music, even after she dies. 

The 73-year-old country legend has already started to "think ahead" about the legacy she will leave behind and she has began recording a click track of her vocals so new music can be made after she passes so she can "live forever" through her music.

Speaking on her podcast, 'Dolly Parton's America', she explained: "I'm a lucky person because I've got hundreds, hundreds, even thousands of songs and a big part of them haven't even been recorded. There's enough stuff to go on forever with my music, to do compilation albums, to do, actually, new and original stuff, and I am purposely trying to put songs down for that very purpose.

To have a click track and my vocals, to where any arrangement can be done. So I think ahead. I'm one of those people that believe in being prepared. I don't want to leave my stuff in the same shape like Prince or Aretha, or anybody that don't plan ahead with that."

The multi platinum award winner is adamant her audio recordings will be picked up and turned into more smash hits in "any style".

She added: "Anybody could produce that. Anyone, any producer in the world - a hotshot producer, when I'm gone, they could take my songs, just the click track of my vocal, and build a complete arrangement around that. Any style, anything they could do. If you've got a good click track and a vocal, anything could be done with that. So that will go on forever."

However, the 'Jolene' hitmaker hopes her current catalogue will be enough to mark her time on earth but she believes the future will find a way to bring her songs back to life.

She said: "I hope my music will be left behind. I hope it will always live. I think a lot of that other stuff may fall away. But I would like to think that I've left some good pieces of music. I think as long as time lasts, I think people will be doing music all kinds of ways."

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