Ed Sheeran gives Florida high school band students the surprise of their lives

Publish Date
Wednesday, 24 May 2023, 2:48PM

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran gave a group of Florida high school students what was likely the surprise of their young lives this past Friday.

After coming to our shores earlier this year, Ed is currently touring America. Over the weekend, while in Tampa for a concert, Ed learned students in the Middleton and Blake High School band program were learning his song “Eyes Closed.’

So, Friday afternoon, just as the students were performing the song, in walked Ed, guitar in hand. He listened for a moment before joining in.

When the song finished, the clearly shocked students erupted in applause, as seen in videos posted to Facebook by both Ed and the Hillsborough County (Fla.) Public Schools.

“That was amazing,” he said afterwards. “What a vibe. Great energy. Amazing musicians. They’re doing a wonderful thing with school music. That’s my favourite thing I’ve done this week.”

What a wonderful gesture Ed!

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