Online trolls target The Vixen

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Friday, 22 June 2018, 3:01PM
Photo: Youtube

Photo: Youtube

You probably won't be able to believe it, but there actually is someone in the world who can boss The Chase's fearsome Governess (Anne Hagarty) around. Her name is Jenny Ryan, but you'd probably know her by the name of The Vixen on The Chase.

Ryan explained that she is the only person in the world to boss The Governess around, who normally terrorises contestants as one of the chasers on the popular quiz show.


"I am on a quiz league team with Anne (Hegerty, alias The Governess)," says Ryan. "I'm the captain, so I get to boss her around."


The Vixen comes from Bolten in northwest England and recalls that, "Anne approached me in 2014. She said she'd heard the producers were thinking of adding a new Chaser and they were looking for a female quizzer. If they were going to add another woman, she said she'd like for it to be someone she knew."

Applying to be a Chaser was far from a straightforward procedure, however.

Ryan, who glories in the nickname of The Bolton Braniac, remembers that, "There was a six-month recruitment process. I was in the running with a few others and we were assessed to see who, if any, would be a fit. It's a big brand and the fans are mega-fans, so if they put the wrong person in the hot-seat, then there would be outrage.

"It was a long process. It started in January and I didn't find out until October that I had the job, so I had to be very patient.

"But I completely understand why. They had to pick the right person for the show. You don't want to disappoint the fans, do you? The producers certainly didn't want to let them down."


Ryan has relished her time on the show as The Vixen. The sole downside, she reveals, is the unwarranted attacks she receives from online trolls.

"It is quite hurtful when people make a judgment without even really watching me and saying things like, 'I'm not watching if she's on'. There are certain people who have contacted me on Twitter, not realising I am a human being who reads things sent to me directly.

"They've said, 'I can't stand her. I never watch more than a minute of her before switching off'. It's a bit like, 'Give me a chance'."

Those misguided keyboard warriors, though, have not stopped Ryan from loving being The Vixen.

She discloses that she thrives on "getting into the zone" in the studio.

"No matter how nervous you're feeling beforehand, once you're out there it's a different world and you can just switch off.

"A 'zone' is what performers would call it. You tune out the cameras and people around you and put everything into the quiz.

"So the first time, even though it was stressful, I finished and said, 'I actually enjoyed it'.

"I enjoyed the Final Chase more than anything as that's the crux of the show and it's quizzing in its purest form. I came off and wanted to do it again."

Great stuff Jenny!

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