Five year old boy raises over 1 million pounds for completing walk on new prosthetic legs

Publish Date
Friday, 3 July 2020, 1:10PM

Tony Hudgell is a name that we'll be hearing for many years to come. 

The little legend from Kent in the UK has managed to raise over 1 million pounds for the NHS, by walking 10kms on his prosthetic legs. 

Both of Tony's legs were amputated soon after birth after suffering physical abuse from his biological parents. The injuries led to sepsis and multiple organ failure, with his condition becoming so severe that he had to have both limbs amputated at the knee.

Tony, now five years old, armed with his brand new prosthetics and adopted loving parents Paula and Mark, set about walking 10kms over the lockdown period.

In doing so, Tony raised over a million pounds which will be presented to the hospital which saved his life. 

Little Tony has received a mountain of praise so far, but possibly none more special than from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

"We are so proud of the incredible courage and determination shown by Tony.." the Duke and Duchess said via their Instagram page. 

What an incredible story, and we certainly hope to hear more from Tony in the future.