Friends stars reunite for hilarious Super Bowl commercial

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Monday, 12 February 2024, 11:36AM
David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston have appeared in the Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial. Photo / Youtube

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston have appeared in the Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial. Photo / Youtube

Super Bowl day is officially here and while many come for the game itself or even the halftime show, everyone knows there is so much more to the annual event than the match.

Each year advertisers use the huge audience numbers - estimated to be 115 million - to their advantage, paying a reported US$7 million ($11.4m) for a 30-second commercial slot during the game.

So, with such a limited time frame, how do the brands make a lasting impression? More often than not, it includes bringing in some very familiar faces - like Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.

The former Friends stars have teamed up with Uber Eats this year for a hilarious commercial that sees The Morning Show star forgetting she ever worked with Schwimmer.

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Starting the commercial, Aniston receives an Uber Eats order from a set worker who says they “didn’t know you could get all this stuff on Uber Eats” causing the Hollywood heavyweight to reply, “Well, you know what they say, in order to remember something, you’ve got to forget something else.”

Released last week, the ad then follows the actress - and other famous faces, forgetting something about their life so they have enough room in their head to remember about the Uber Eats delivery service.

After Aniston receives her delivery, Schwimmer spots his former co-star and calls out “Jen” as he attempts to go in for a hug, but instead of receiving a warm welcome, Aniston asks, “have we met?”.

A confused Schwimmer reminds her they worked together for a decade, but Aniston has clearly forgotten her Friends days. “You still don’t remember, do you?” Schwimmer asks the actress who confirms she doesn’t.

“I hate this town,” he exclaims as Aniston walks away saying under her breath, “Like I could forget 10 years of my life.”

Also featured in the ad is David Beckham forgetting which girl group his wife Victoria was in, saying “Remember when you used to be a pepper lady”, while Usher forgets he is performing at the halftime show nonchalantly exclaiming, “I hope I get to play a halftime show some day man”.

It’s just one of many commercials being released in anticipation of this year’s Super Bowl with other brands teaming up with the cast of Suits, Post Malone and even Christopher Walken.

As well as their hilarious commercial with the former Friends stars, Uber Eats also teamed up with David and Victoria Beckham to recreate an iconic moment from the Beckham Netflix documentary where the soccer legend calls out his wife as she describes her “middle-class” upbringing.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.

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