Heidi Klum stuns fans with her impressive Peacock Halloween costume

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Thursday, 2 November 2023, 2:42PM

Last year Heidi Klum seemed to break the internet with her Halloween costume, dressed as a worm with only her eyes and mouth showing, and this year she has amazed us once again - with a costume that took six hours and 10 Cirque Du Soleil artists to create!

The model, 50, arrived at her annual Halloween party dressed in a stunning cobalt blue bodysuit and flanked by backup dancers in green bodysuits acting as a full plume of feathers.

She told Entertainment Tonight that her "hair and makeup maybe took six hours, but really it was more in the planning, meeting with the artists, figuring out their costumes and makeup." 

When it came to deciding on this year's extravagant outfit, she was keen to get "multiple people" involved after going more lowkey and static with last year's costume. 

"Just because I was this very minimal kind of rainworm [in 2022], I wanted to make something very elaborate and I wanted to make a costume with multiple people. 
"I started thinking about, what could that be? What thing could that be, what animal, what creature? 
"I was thinking a peacock because a peacock is kind of together with the feathers and then it opens up. And I wanted to make an art performance out of it." 

“I always try to find things that people naturally wouldn’t do,” she told PEOPLE earlier this year.

Her husband, Tom Kaulitz, joined her as a human-sized egg, while her daughter, Leni, dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake.

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In the past, Heidi has dressed up as Princess Fiona from Shrek, and as a cartoon siren Jessica Rabbit. 

She recently broke down her Halloween history in an interview with PEOPLE, which you can watch above!

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