Hilary Barry hits back after Seven Sharp viewer complains about her showing too much cleavage

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Friday, 31 May 2019, 6:44PM

One Seven Sharp viewer, who had a gutful of seeing Hilary Barry's cleavage, was moved enough to make a complaint to the show.

During Wednesday night's episode, Barry's co-presenter Jeremy Wells read out an email from a viewer named Barbara with the subject header 'Hilary's cleavage,' in which she claimed to have been "assailed' by Barry's preference for plunging necklines and choice of chesty clothing.

Reading aloud from the email Wells said: "It's a fact of nature that women's breasts are sex objects and should be kept private except for the beach or at an evening do".

Barry looked on bemused by all the hub-bub brought about by her boobs before responding with: "They're just boobs and half the population have them. Barbara has them."

In her email, Barbara accused Barry's low-riding of being unprofessional and expressed dismay that such a display could happen amongst the social movements of today.

"We are being assailed by more and more of Hilary in low-cut tops exposing her cleavage. Unfortunately, it's become a worldwide trend which is mind-boggling considering we have the #MeToo movement trying to stop women being treated as sex objects,' she wrote.

Hilary Barry fronting up on the news

But Barry wasn't having a bar of it.

"Well here's the thing Barbara, I'm just a middle-aged mother of two who slapped on some lippy and a pretty top to look presentable for the nation," she said before adding, "I'm sorry that you find my boobs offensive."

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