Hugh Jackman sets pulses racing as he strips naked in a new advert for an Aussie footwear brand

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Wednesday, 7 October 2020, 10:54AM

Hugh Jackman has set pulses racing as he stripped completely naked - apart from a pair of boots - for a new advertising campaign for Australian footwear brand R.M. Williams.

For the label's hilarious 90-second TV ad, the Australian actor can be seen sitting in an office chair wearing nothing but a pair of short black leather Chelsea boots.

As he meets with an executive from the company, the 51-year-old explains why he loves the boots.

"I'm actually in love. They're great. They're amazing," Jackman says before spreading his legs open on the desk.

To which the exec tries to tell the Hollywood star that he has gone too far by taking the clause "literally."

While Hugh's naughty bits are blurred out, the actor goes on about the comfort of the boots, before avowing his loyalty as a brand ambassador.

"My word is my bond. When I say I’m in, I’m all in," he tells the exec.

Hugh then begins to stand up to leave the room but stops to compliment how comfortable the chair is.

"A new chair? Honestly, you should sit in this," the Wolverine actor says while moving around in his seat.

"Everything at R.M. Williams is just so comfortable," he ended.

Very clever!

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