James Blunt reveals his dying father is set to have a potentially life-saving kidney transplant

Publish Date
Thursday, 30 January 2020, 1:43PM

Last week, British singer-songwriter James Blunt went viral with his heartbreaking music video for his new single 'Monsters'.

The raw song is a tribute to his dying father who has Stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

But after leaving thousands of fans around the world in tears, Blunt has revealed that his father is set to undergo a potentially life-saving kidney transplant.

After appearing on Good Morning Britain last year to appeal for viewers to be a donor for his dad, Colonel Charles Blount, because the 45-year-old singer did not have the right blood type to give his own.

He stopped by the show again yesterday to reveal that Charles will be having surgery today, 18 months on from his diagnosis after "loads of people" came forward.

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The musician said: "He has stage four chronic kidney disease and the remarkable thing about putting this song out, is that so many people have offered kidneys as a result of doing that and amazingly he’s going in to have a kidney transplant tomorrow."

He also added that neither he or his sisters were a kidney match for their dad, joking: "We came to the conclusion we were adopted!"

When host Piers Morgan asked Blunt if the transplant could save his father's life, he said: "If all things go well, I’m touching a lot of wood at the moment."

All proceeds from 'Monsters' go directly to the charities Help for Heroes and the British Legion.